Wednesday, 8 March 2017

a lil intro of a new seed

Hello every one,

I am a new blogger , never blogged before, thought many times , but never initiated , i dont know how i did it today ,but i am glad i did ,atleast till now :) and hoping it remains the same.

I think i should give a lil intro abt myself as per i believe and got opinions form others .I am not at all what i want to be , i am a totally confused mind ya but with a strong soul , i have so much in my mind that my friends always told me to write a blog , but i was always what if people dont like it , what if nobody follow it , then they were like why wouldnt they , that was not the answer i was expecting i wanted to hear  why you care, just write for urself , I told myself these things to myself wy back then,i dont think they were that magical for so much over thinking person like me as some where in a little corner of my heart i look up to people , but these words were good enough to encourage me to  save this thought in my mind ,but today i didnt think any thing just  made a blogging account

So my thought of the day is some times u just dont have to listen to ur mind ur heart, nothing and just pick up a thought from ur mind diary and implement it and the most difficult is over.

PS : i will share my ideas , recipes ,my learnings, my opinions ,ND MANY MANY MORE THINGS will like to know yours...

thanks for reading